In Illinois-Travel "Traction"

"These interurban roads stretching out over our state are the cords that bind our people together"

-W.A. Northcott. President Springfield Commercial Association

The Illinois Traction System opened opportunities for travel and development to even the most remote communities in the state, formally hindered by impassable roads and infrequent rail service. Smokeless "cinderless", interurbans drastically reduced travel times and opened up the state for tourism and commerce. Every town and city along the lines benefited for the influx of new visitors.

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Special tains were put into service for events such as the Illinois State Fair or Fighting Illini football games, creating unique access that increased the number of visitors at these majors events. Improvements in travel and the attendant explosion in sports tourism prompted the University of Illinois to construct the 70,000 seat Memorial Stadium in 1923, even though the combined population of Champaign and Urbana totaled to only 26,097 at the time. 

Illinois State Fair ITS Advertisement_1916.jpg ITS Kiosk at Illinois State Fair_1916.jpg

Special trains were put into service for events such as the Illinois State Fair.

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A University of Illinois Senior Class riding an Illinois Traction special train to a Turkey Run.

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The Illinois Traction System opened new opportunities for tourism throughout the state. Hundreds of thousands of people had never had a chance to visit such places with ease.

Memorial Stadium Dedication by Traction (1).jpg

Special trains were run in October, 1924 for the official dedication of the new Memorial Stadium in Champaign. The game will forever live in Illini lore as the greatest game when Harold "Red" Grange scored six touchdowns in the stadium's debut!