Travel in Style, Streamliners

Following the high demand of the war years, the fleet of motor and trailer cars were looking their age, and the public image of the system was declining. The Illinois Traction Company needed to revive its former image to compete for travelers. The solution was brand new, polished aluminum three-car sets with all of the modern conveniences. For the first time, the cars featured interlocking carriages allowing passengers to move freely between cars. The new cars that debuted on November 7, 1948 featured air conditioning, plush seating, and dining options.

Streamliner.jpg parlor interior.jpg

Unfortunately, the larger trainsets caused issues with entering Peoria and reaching Champaign and Danville due to grade or clearance issues. While the service provided a spark of interest, ridership never recovered, and by 1956 the passenger system began to unravel, leading to the end of the streamliners and the entire passenger fleet.

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