The Heist

On the night of November 9th, 1929, at the party celebrating the Fighting Illini's victory at the Illinois-Army Game, the party at the Harris Mansion was interrupted around 11:00 PM with the arrival of the assailants. The gunmen were able to enter the Harris Mansion by bluffing to the doorman. They showed their guns, but successfully played it off as a joke, and were therefore easily able to make their way into the mansion and begin stealing the homeowners and guests' valuables. The culprits stole over worth of $30,000 in cash, furs, and jewelry from the guests and home, which would equal nearly $500,000 today.

.38 Caliber Revolver carried by Harold Smith during the robbery
Wooden Panel from the Harris Mansion with bullet hole from the night of the crime

Champaign Police Files regarding the Harris Mansion Heist, including descriptions of suspects and lists of items stolen