Full Force

Champaign Police Department, 1923.

By 1929, the Champaign Police Department was a rather small force of 15 officers. On the day of the Illinois vs. Army game, 30 Chicago Police Officers, 40 State Police Officers, and 15 private security officers were in town to aid the department with keeping order at the football game. Unbeknownst to them, their presence would be required not for security at the football game, but rather for the victory celebration after the game.


Champaign Police Department, 1925.

Davis and Brown

Officers Davis and Brown

Officers Clyde Davis and Gilbert Brown were regular partners on patrol in Champaign and on the night of the Harris party, they were the first officers to arrive at the robbery in progress. Thinking the event as a joke because of the assaliants' earlier bluffing to the doorman, the officers entered the home and were quickly surprised when they discovered culprit Harold Smith stealing an armful of fur coats. Officer Davis continued in and surprised culprit C.W. Katzschman. In the commotion of the chase and capture, Katzschman discharged his gun, wounding officer Davis in the hand. As Katzschman fled, Gilbert Brown fired two shots, with one hitting Katzschman, who died later at Burnham Hospital.


Champaign Police Uniform Badge