The Miller-Woodroofe Family


The Miller Family visited Gettysburg where this photo was taken at the summit of Little Round Top. John Miller, standing center, is wearing the Congressional Medal of Honor which he won for capturing three confederate flags. His granddaughter Louise is standing to his left. 


Miller-Woodroofe Home

Louise Woodroofe was the oldest child of Walter and Mary Miller Woodroofe, who were married in January 1891 at St. Mary's Catholic Church on Park Street in Champaign. 

Mary Woodroofe died in childbirth in 1897, as did her baby. Walter moved to Chicago, leaving five-year-old Louise to be raised by her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Miller, at their spacious home at 502 West Hill Street. Her father later remarried, and had a son, Sidney. 


Miller Harness Company building in Champaign

Louise's grandfather was born in Germany in 1841 and came to America with his family as a young boy. He fought at Gettysburg during the Civil War and captured three Confederate Flags. For this he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He remains the only citizen of the County to achieve this honor. Upon his return, he established the Miller Harness Company at 48-50 Main Street, Champaign. The building later became The News-Gazette office and then the Stevick Senior Center. He died in Champaign in 1909, when Louise was 17.

The Miller-Woodroofe Family