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Solon House as seen from the Champaign Public Library prior to renovation.

Photo of the Harwood-Solon House prior to the restoration done by Christopher Knight.

Harwood Solon 2.jpeg
Recent photos of the Harwood-Solon House provided by RE/MAX Realty Associates.

Final photograph of Abel Harwood from his memorial booklet that was given during his funeral on December 30th, 1891.

Love Letter_Harwood009.jpg
A love poem written by Abel Harwood to his first wife Mary Batcheller in 1843.

Harwood family tree_Updated.jpeg
Family Tree of Abel Harwood's lineage

A younger still photo of Abel Harwood from the CCHM Collections.

Harwood_Front AND Back Long Letter008.jpg
A long letter written to Abel Harwood in 1842 from his friend Arnold Haunum that starts out as a rant about the state of the country in 1842 and then goes on to talk about his life.

Mon Amie003.jpg
Piece of an envelope that contained the flower from Abel Harwood to Mary Batcheller. Written in french saying "Mon Amie", meaning "my friend"

Flower From Harwood011.jpg
Flower piece from Abel Harwood sent to his first wife Mary Batecheller probably sometime before he moved to Illinois.
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