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  • Collection: Zuppke en la Playa: Sketches of a Gridiron Great

Photo of the Ned Brant Comic Book that Robert Zuppke authored.

Photo of the Ned Brandt comic that Zuppke authored from 1929 to 1942.

Photograph of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista

hemingway portrait_zuppke_jpg.jpg
Sketch of Ernest Hemingway by Robert Zuppke that was included in a letter to him

JPG Hemingway and Walsh, March 1946.jpg
Photo of Ernest Hemingway and his wife Mary Walsh taken in March 1946

Ned Brant JPEG.jpeg
A panel of the Ned Brant comic strip that Robert Zuppke was a part of making.

Drawing Room-cropped.jpg
Drawing Room of West Side High School, Robert Zuppke's high school

1901_Echo_R Zuppke Senior Portrait- ZUppke only.jpg
Close up of Zuppke Portrait

Zuppke, 1915.jpg
Photo of Robert Zuppke in 1915
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