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paul prehn illio1929 ED.jpg
Paul Prehn

(from 1929 Illio)

19150831tu_CDG_pg07_Illinois ad_Wrestling.jpg
Wrestling ad scanned from Champaign News-Gazette, 31 August 1915

Sidney Cohen ED.jpg
Sidney N. Cohen

(scan from Elk's program, 1910)

19181122fr_TUDC_pg04_Illinois Theatre ad_Over There.jpg
Scan of Over There ad from The Urbana Daily Courier, 22 November 1918.

19181119tu_TUDC_pg04_Illinois Theater ad_scene from Over There.jpeg
Scan from The Urbana Daily Courier, 19 November 1918 showing a scene from Over There.

19200206fr_TUDC_pg04_Illinois Theatre ad_Maytime.jpg
Maytime ad scanned from The Urbana Daily Courier, 6 February 1920.

allen j duncan photo ed.jpg
Alan J. Duncan, stage manager of the Walker Opera House

19090823_UDC_pg04_J Earle Moor_Illinois_ED.jpg
Photograph of J. Earl Moor, manager of the Illinois Theatre
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