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A Second Home: 150 Years of Student Living at the University of Illinois

Curated by TJ Blakeman and Tom Kuipers

In 1867, a single seminary building was the only structure standing between the cities of Champaign and Urbana. That one building would give way to another and another. Over the next 150 years, Illinois Industrial University, later the University of Illinois, would transform and expand to more than 2.8 square miles and 647 buildings. Over that time the University has become a leader in educating the people of Illinois and the world. 

Each student who arrives at the University of Illinois also arrives as a new citizen of Champaign County. This exhibit, A Second Home, looks at student life through the lens of their rooms. You'll discover how their lives are shaped by technology, social change, and community events around them. This exhibit walks you through student rooms at the time of the University's founding, 50th, 100th, and 150th anniversaries.


The Art of Louise Woodroofe


Curated by Tom Kuipers

An online exhibit detailing the life and works of artist Louise Woodroofe.

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