Chapin Family Letters of Champaign County

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Chapin Family Letters of Champaign County


A Collection of letters and documents centered around the family of Dennis and Lucinda Chapin from 1850-1880.


Letters and other documents belonging to the Chapin family.


Chapin Family Letters, 1850-1880


Champaign County History Museum




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Letters and official documents

Collection Items

Order coal now
A team of horses pulling a wagon of coal.

Day's Work Done South Danville, Illinois
Farmers after a day's work in Danville, Illinois

Playing grandmother
A young girl dressed up as a grandmother figure.

Kansas. Dodge City Horse-drawn vehicle
A horse drawn carriage outside of a house in Dodge City, Kansas

Map of PRC Shandong
A map highlighting the Shandong region of the People's Republic of China

Tree of temperance
A representation of the concept of Temperance--as defined by the Temperance Movement of the 19th century--as a tree.

Sutler's store at Fort Dodge, Kansas
The inside of a general store in Fort Dodge, Kansas

Study Girl carrying dish of berries
A girl carrying a dish of berries.

A race horse, a cart horse, and a pony.
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