The Wilber Mansion

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The Wilber Mansion


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Wilber family
Wilber family showing Ella Wilber with pince-nez on a spring on her blouse, right-center.

Wilber-Paul gravesite
Wilber-Paul gravesite at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Champaign

Moving van in front of Wilber Mansion
Moving van in front of Wilber Mansion on date of move from mansion.

Wilber Mansion dining room fireplace
Fireplace in dining room of Wilber Mansion.

"Sweet and Cool" Display
Dresses on display for "Sweet and Cool" exhibition.

Wilber Mansion parlor fireplace
Fireplace from parlor of Wilber Mansion.

Wilber Mansion doorknob
"W" embossed doorknob on first floor of the Wilber Mansion (exact location/door unknown).

Wilber Mansion
Image of the Wilber Mansion.

"A Penny Saved" brochure front page
Front page of brochure for CCHM 1990 exhibit "A Penny Saved."
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